vaginal steaming


Vaginal steaming (v-steaming/yoni steaming) is a practice that has been used by women across cultures for centuries. It offers support to an area of the body and life that conventional medicine doesn’t give us a lot of alternatives or options for.

It’s non-invasive and can offer benefits if you are experiencing:

  • irregular or missing periods

  • painful periods

  • brown blood or cramps before or during your period

  • frequent bacterial, fungal, viral infections

  • vaginal dryness

  • fibroids, ovarian cysts or endometriosis

  • struggles with conceiving and fertility

  • postpartum

And more! Vaginal steaming is pretty magical!

how does it work?

A v-steam works by gently applying heat (and plant oils via the steam) to the exterior tissues of the vulva encouraging them to swell and open revealing the inner membranes. These tissues are very absorbent and allow the plant medicine to be carried into the the bloodstream and into the reproductive organs. This assists the uterus in more effectively cleansing and clearing out old residue, build up and other issues.

what to expect

When you come to the office for a v-steam, we begin by checking in to chat about your cycle, your womb and what’s going on! Then you steam, the steam is set up for you with a specific blend of herbs depending on why you are steaming. The steam is followed by a 20 minute rest to allow integration and relaxation.

who is v-steaming for?

Any woman interested in caring and supporting their body and it’s natural cycle. Whether you have a uterus or not, v-steaming can be a beneficial practice. Physically, emotionally and spiritually connecting to this area of your body can have profound impact on your whole body wellness.



Initial Consultation + V-Steam = $60

In office steams = $45/steam

4 in office steams = $160

1 in office steam + herbs for 3 steams at home = $75


Reach out to me via email if you have any questions or want to know if v-steaming is something that might be beneficial for you! Email me.

book a vaginal steam by emailing or calling/texting 204-995-1610

my experience

I began incorporating vaginal steaming into my life in 2015. At the time my relationship with my menstrual cycle was okay, I had accepted it but did not have reverence or understanding of what it was all about. Vaginal steaming intrigued me and I dove right in. I ordered a stool and herbs and began.

For me, the physical and emotional affects have been amazing. Through steaming I am able to alleviate all pain and create a really healthy cleanse when I bleed. And it has given me such a strong and reverent connection with my womb and whole reproductive centre. Spending time monthly with the practice of steaming continues to show me how important this practice is in reclaiming the power in my cycle.


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