Celebrating and another dream comes true!

Last week we celebrated Sacred Space with an open house, and I will be totally honest, the last couple of weeks have been full for me and a part of me was saying "Rev, why did you decide to do this?!" But it become clear as we prepared the space that it was important and I am SO glad we did it.

To have the space infused with our friend's and families' love and excitement felt like one of the final steps in preparing it to receive new people and classes this fall.

I also got to have another dream come into reality. Ever since I had these four amazing women sign on to join me at Sacred Space in offering their services and gifts, I have imagined this photo...


Whoa. I am so honoured and grateful to be in that line up. Check out their offerings at Sacred Space here.

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement in the last few months as Sacred Space took its first breaths on it's own.

There will be more classes and workshops being held in the next few months, stay tuned!

With love and appreciation,


P.S. There is no Qoya tonight, but there is a class this Sunday morning with Michelle! Sign up here. Wednesday night classes will resume next week!