A couple of things...

Good morning! A couple things to share today...

This past weekend I led my second weekend retreat...god, am I grateful to get to do the work I love!!

This amazing group of eight women burst my heart and brought me even deeper into myself. We spent the majority of the weekend outside on the banks of the beautiful Whitemouth River. Teaching, resting, moving and loving.

My fall is focused on doula-ing but I have some plans for day retreats and more weekend retreats in the new year. If you'd like to be notified when those are open for registration you can sign up here.


This week marks four years since I attended my first ever in-person Qoya class. Four years!! I've been reflecting on my life four years ago and my life now, so many changes (internally and externally) and Qoya has been such an amazing resource and such good medicine on this journey.

I am teaching tonight at Sacred Space and whether it's your first class or your fiftieth, I'd love to dance with you!

Sign up here.

open house.png

Tomorrow night is the open house at Sacred Space on Sherbrook! It's been such a wild ride to get here and I am ready to celebrate, I've got my jumpsuit picked out and I am contemplating a balloon garland...

Wherever you are today, I'm sending love via my fingertips typing these words...