qoya saves my ass...again

This past weekend I attended a Qoya class (have I mentioned how amazing it is to have a second Qoya teacher in Winnipeg!!) and leading up to it I was having a rough time. Enough to make me not want to go even though I know movement is medicine. Thankfully I got my butt there and let the magic happen. It took till the last quarter of the class to come back home to the truth in my body. And when I felt it, phew, what sweet relief!


My mom always says that I teach Qoya to save my own ass every week. It's said in a joking way but it is serious and true. Qoya pulls me back to centre. Even when I'm running screaming in the opposite direction. Even when I think "it can't possible bring me back from here, it's just dancing." Ha!

So, there I was on Saturday, standing on rose petals, still trying to catch my breath but utterly at home.

Ready to try again.

And then I read Mara Glatzel's words, "You relationship with yourself doesn't require perfection, it requires your presence." Boom. Another reason I show up to Qoya because it offers me a structured time to be present with myself. A time outside of time to reconnect while the world spins on.

Sending out the wish and hope that you get an opportunity to be present with yourself today...without waiting for perfection to do it.



A couple of things:

Qoya tonight! 7pm at Sacred Space. Save a spot here.

Qoya_ Come as you are, leave as more of who you are.-2.png

There are more things being offered in the studio at Sacred Space! Next week Yoga with Sam starts and there will continue to be different classes and workshops being offered. Keep your eye on The Studio page on the website. My goal is to have something offered every day of the week so if you wanted you could send the whole week at Sacred Space!


This Sunday I'm contributing to a Sistership Circle gathering in Winnipeg!

Sistership Circle is committed to women awakening their inner feminine power and experiencing the freedom to be authentically and unapologetically themselves

They offer circle programs for women to unlock the depths of their feminine power, connect with like-minded women in sisterhood, and embody their feminine leadership.

Learn more here.