New moon + Creation

Good Morning and New Moon Blessings!

I missed being with you via the Love Note last week, it just never came! I tried to force it a couple times and then decided to let it go and trust I'd be ready to show up again this week. And voila!

I was reading the astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg's reflection on this New Moon and the following really resonated with me, so much I wanted to share it here!

She writes,

Stop expecting creating to be easy. Creation takes time, energy, attention. It asks us to move through resistance, warm our edges, and evolve to know more of our capacity. Put yourself into the fire. Call forth the spark.

Stop expecting creating to be hard. It feels good. To make space for it. To prioritize it. To dedicate time to making and knowing yourself through creative process. It’s an essential element of showing up for oneself and actualizing potential.

That feels exactly what I want to remember right now. Even though I just came out of a deep creative process with Sacred Space on Shebrook, the next creations of my life are already coming forward and I am realizing how important it is to me to keep showing up to create.


One of my favourite things that happened last week was that Nat, my cousin, came to the studio at Sacred Space and recorded videos for an upcoming project she's working on.

She was creating in the space I created.
Creation begets creation.

I really realized that day how important it is to me that this space is somewhere for me to create and somewhere for many to create, whether it's creating a project, a relationship or a life.

I'm planning on taking some time to listen to what's wanting the continued attention of creation right now in my life, and what happens if I let go of the exceptions that it will be hard...or easy. As well as listening for what's ready to die, because as I know...creation and death are true friends, always showing up for each other and in service of each other.

If you'd like to read Virginia's full reflection of this New Moon, you can read it here.

With love and appreciation,


P.S. There is Qoya tonight and Sunday morning! Michelle is teaching which mean's I'll be dancing! Save a spot.