Sacred Space on Sherbrook

A day later than usual, but I'm here!

This past week has blown my mind. We, a team amazing family/ friends and I, started working on transforming Unit 201 at 83 Sherbrook on Friday, June 22nd. We worked until the following Friday and then celebrated my birthday and the birth of this space on June 29th. That was a surreal day!

I have learned so much about...everything, through this process. I have slowly started to digest these past 3 months of creating, but it might take me all of summer to understand and acknowledge the life force that moved through me, us and the space in its creation.

There is still work to be done, but the space is ready to be filled! I've started seeing clients this week and there will be Qoya next Wednesday.

The website is not finished, but it's ready to be shared so that you can see what's up and sign up for Qoya.

There will be a grand opening celebration later on in the summer. I'm giving myself a month (in the birth world it's often called "sitting the moon" to rest and recover for a full moon cycle post-birth) before the celebration. So stay tuned for August!

Thank you for the encouragement, the interest and the excitement as Sacred Space on Sherbrook was created. I hope to be with you in this space one day!

Check out some photos below of some of the magic in this space!

With love,