Word on the street is...

...there's a new space in Winnipeg where you can go to reconnect, remember and grow! 

I am so amazed to be to share the news that come July 1st Sacred Space on Sherbrook will exist! It's existed in the fifth  dimension for over a year now and I'm happy to say it's landed on earth. 

There are so many synchronistic and beautiful things to be shared about the experience of the last 3 months and I do plan on sharing them because I have learned SO much, but right now I am in the midst of endings and beginnings and do not have the time to express those things with the reverence they deserve. 

So for now, here are some details...

Sacred Space on Sherbrook is at 201-83 Sherbrook Street and has four offices and a studio. The offices are filled with a group of women I respect and love, and the studio will be filled with Qoya and other classes and workshops that support the vision of of the space.

The rest of this month will be all about cleaning and beautifying the space and we will begin seeing clients there the first week of July and the first Qoya class will by July 10th @ 7pm. 

When I said 'yes' to the call to create this space I knew it was going to be an opportunity to grow and challenge myself, inside and out, and it has been and will continue to be. And I can say confidently that I have risen to the challenge. With so much support from the people around me and near me. I am beyond grateful. 

I wanted to have the website done this week to share it with you, but I don't! And in an effort to show up - imperfectly with my heart open wide - I'm sharing without having it done. But stay tuned for next week's Love Note when it will be! 


And now, tonight is the last Qoya class at R.A. Steen CC in Wolseley, a place where I've taught Qoya weekly since February 2016 and a place where, if you've been to Qoya, you've probably danced in. This space as held a lot. For me and for so many women. We will be dancing tonight at 7pm, if you'd like to join us, sign up here!

There will be a two week break with no Qoya classes after that, and the next class will be July 10th at Sacred Space on Sherbrook!

Thanks for reading, thanks for celebrating this moment with me and I look forward to sharing this new space with you! There will be a grand opening celebration later this summer and I would love to see you there! Details to follow!