bye-bye blazer

This past Monday I met with a business lawyer, and as a person who's never worked with a business or personal lawyer before this was big and new. 

As I got ready, I pulled my blazer out of the closet, the one I bought a few months ago when I started going to business meetings like this. I got it  to help me feel like I belonged, was capable and could "handle" it. I put it on that morning  and then immediately took it off - it didn't feel right and I realized I didn't actually need it anymore... 

So, I put on my favourite jean jacket with my crescent moon brooch, over a dress that makes me feel like I'm wearing an entire garden and went to the meeting. And the whole way there I basked in the significance of what this meant. That I could show up completely as myself without having to armour up. 


Art by Lindsay Bong


There is still much to do as I move forward, more security blazers/blankets that need to be shed but I am here for this moment where I can actually feel where I have grown. That is the magic. And that gives me the strength to move forward. 

I'll still wear the blazer (it's a really bad ass blazer), but now I'll wear it only because I want to, not because I feel I need it to. 

For now, I'll continue practicing showing up like the blossoming garden I am,  moonbeams and deep breaths. Nothing to hide, no one to be. 

And what a huge wish I have for us all to show up, wearing the blazer or not, with reverence for all the courage it's taken to just land right here. 

P.S. The meeting went really well. Turns out showing up without having to pretend yields amazing results. Note taken, universe! 

Thanks for being here, I appreciate your presence and time,