resiliency and stability

This past weekend I attended a workshop all about the psoas (pronounced so-as) with Liz Koch, it was phenomenal because it's totally shifted my perception of my body and really all bodies and what they need to thrive. And I still have so much exploring to do!

Liz's work focuses on the psoas, an amazing part of the body that get's misunderstood alot. She says, "Your psoas is not merely a muscle. It is the primal messenger from the core of your being. This bio-intelligent tissue expresses your integrity on every level and may be perceived as the guardian of the Hara, commonly referred to as the moving center. Located deep within your core, your psoas is a source of inner power." (

One of the big things that stood out for me in her teaching this weekend was the following:

"Strength is based on resiliency. Not density."

In the moment she was speaking about physical strength which was a beautiful perspective shift in itself, but I heard it through the lens mind/body/spirit which was even more illuminating. 

One of my favourite definitions of resiliency is that it is the power and ability to return to our original form. And I understand our original form to be our truth, our essence and our centre. And that is strength. 

And then she said:

"Stability is not something that is stable because it's static, but it's something that is stable because you can rely on it. It's not to say something is unchanging, it is to say it is always changing and you can rely on it." It's not our permanence that makes us stable it's are ability to rely on change that makes us stable. 

Those two things there were worth the whole weekend. Resiliency and stability. Returning to who we are and relying on change.  


I've had this photo on as the wall paper on my phone this week. It's a moment from a trip I took to BC last month and  is reminding  me of the feeling of being resilient and stable right now.

At home in myself and forever returning home. 

I feel that it is so so important we remind ourselves of that. 

Wishing you a moment today to reconnect to your strength and stability. 

With love and appreciation,


P.S. There is Qoya tonight at 7pm, sign up here! And Michelle is teaching a Qoya class this Sunday at 10am, if you'd like details on that class send me a email and I will get you in touch with Michelle!