in the waiting room

Hey courageous ones, 

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I am in the midst of waiting to hear if we've found the building that will become the home for the next incarnation of my work here. I've done as much as I can do on my end and now...I wait. 

This feels like a familiar place, this place of waiting, but for the first time my hands are not clenched and my stomach is not in knots. I've moved through anxiety and now here I am, curious and open again.

My ego says, "Don't tell people that you might have found it! What if it doesn't work? Be sure and then share!"

Which makes my soul chuckle and say, "What if what doesn't work? This building? Then it wasn't the building. And anyway and there is no such thing as failure here. It's all just life." This feels revolutionary for me to feel.

Today my prayer has been a section of the prayer used in Qoya to open sacred space, I've said it while driving, walking, working  and waiting today. I'll share it with you here, so that in the midst of it all we maybe we can remember the sacred pulse of life and how it dances through us. 

Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Star Brothers, Star Sisters
Please hear our simple prayer to shine
To know our own light and have it reflected in yours
Like the radiance of the sun, The wisdom cycles of the moon, 
The unique luminesce of each star
That light, that thing that goes by thousands and thousands of names
But remains ultimately unnamable
Please hear our prayer to source back to that place
To shine that light in this world as we sing the song of life 
And dance this dance of life
One more day.

Whatever happens next, and trust me something will happen, I hope we have the courage to meet it. Because after all, what else are we here for? 

Sending love and appreciation to you for being here with me, 



Qoya is tonight at 7pm

"Qoya meets me where I am, which at the start of the class is usually tight. Before long my experience becomes expansive and spacious and by the of class I am able to rest comfortably in my body."  - J. Peters