waking up

Happy Spring & full moon love to you!

I am popping into your mailbox to say "hi" before heading to Day 2 of a workshop on building attachment with kids and youth who have experienced trauma and chronic stress - it's blowing my mind.  I am looking forward to incorporating these teachings not only into my work but also into my life. Have I mentioned I love learning??

There is Qoya tonight and Sunday morning this week, sign up here

And I'll leave you with this one to reflect on today:

Ooh, yes. Waking up to the heart this morning. 

May we turn towards the sun and feel supported by the moon today. 

With love,



Fertility Awareness with Nathalie Daudet!

It's no secret that I love the female reproductive system and that I love my cousin Nat...so I'm super pumped to share her upcoming workshop! Nat teaches Fertility Awareness (read: NOT the rhythm method!) and offers an opportunity to get to know your body deeply. It's such a great tool. She's teaching an in person workshop in Winnipeg next month! If you're curious, learn more here. (Also, feel free to ask me any questions!)