fear note?

Good morning,

I was laughing at myself this morning as I sat down to write  because I realized it would be equally as accurate to call these emails Fear Notes! It would probably be less enticing...or maybe it would be more!! Considering last time I checked, fear was a very human experience.

As I continue to move forward with everything, I am reminded  on a daily basis of my choice to let love be the boss of me and not fear. 

This goes against many things in me and around me. And yet, I know in my bones I am here (and probably you are too) to transform fear and become even more of an embodiment of love. This sounds beautiful and feels SO messy. 

Cue Elizabeth Gilbert with some medicine for us today:


My go-to remedy for working with fear (or anything!) is always going to be movement. Even a 5-second whole body shake. 

May I suggest we all turn on our current favourite song to dance to and give ourselves some medicine via movement. 

If you'd like something more guided, check out this shaking video on the Qoya website. 

Or come shake in-person at tonight's Qoya class!

With love and appreciation,