day retreat + 10 years of qoya

Even the smallest choice for love is a step in the best direction.

-Alana Fairchild

Hello out there, 

Today I'm working with the above words. I pulled an oracle card this morning as I sat down to begin work and that sentence jumped out at me. One of my intentions this year (and last year!) was to cultivate expansion in my being and life, especially when it feels "safer" or easier to contract. As with everything, it's a practice.

And I am grateful for the reminders that encourage even the smallest amount of movement towards expansion, towards love.


This past Sunday we gathered for the first Wilder Roots day retreat and the first time my mom, Jane, and I collaborated. The day was beautiful. I looked up many times during the day and my heart nearly burst with gratitude. It reminded me of this question: Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

As a person who is very future-orientated and always thinking "what's next?" it was a huge gift to be able to realize how much magic was and is in the present moment. 
I have no doubt there will be future day retreats and I look forward to sharing more about that. 


This month marks the 10 year anniversary of Qoya! Rochelle Schieck, Qoya founder, lead the first class in New York City in March 2009. 

To celebrate, Qoya teachers from all over the world are teaching a class in March to celebrate Qoya! I am teaching tonight in honour of this occasion, if you'd like to join us, save your spot here

I also encourage you to check out the full list of the classes being taught this month. It's amazing to see all the places Qoya is being offered and if you know of anyone who might be interested in one of the cities listed maybe you want to spread some Qoya love and share it with them! 

Sending love out to you via my finger tips tapping these words out.

Today may we all choose to take a step towards love, small or big.