Show up

Hey Wild Ones,

Coming to you live from the working room floor. The working room floor being my life, ha!

I was walking with a friend today and we were sharing where we are being led and encouraged to grow and I asked if she had heard that cheeky love note from the universe that goes like "yo, I heard you like growth so I put some challenges on top of your challenges so you can grow from your challenges while you grow from your growth."

Yup. We laughed - some of the best medicine for this work called life - and then kept walking. 

I love it.

I love that life continues to give us opportunities to show up. To try again. To do it differently. To choose to remember.  To break open.  To become even more of an embodied human/spirit. Life, please don't stop. This good-hard work.  


Art by Kayla Livingston

Wishing us all the courage to continue to show up.

To gather the support we need to be able to be who we came here to be.

To let go of what we know it's time to let go of. Remember in the cycle of always follows death. 

We are that powerful. 

With love, 


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Through movement we remember...