An Offering

Good Afternoon,

Last week I shared a little about an upcoming day retreat I am offering this March, and today I'd love to share a little bit more about it. 

One of the things I realized pretty quickly as I began moving forward with finding a physical location for Wilder Roots is that I got easily overwhelmed and forgetful when I focused so intensely on making plans, loan applications and all the business stuff. I say "forgetful" meaning that I would forget the why.

In Qoya we often say "Are you in the remembering or the forgetting?" instead of "How are you?" Because as we know, life can be hard and we can be connected to our truth, but it can also be hard and we can be forgetting our truth, this makes for two very different experiences of our circumstances. 

As soon as I realized this pattern of forgetting as I focused on the "how" of moving forward, I knew I had to make sure I was supported with the medicine to remember  the "why." 


And what is the medicine? It is to do the work that I love, to be actively  learning and creating. It means moving forward in the business world at the same time as I move forward creating, and learning about, the things that I love. 

One of my favourite things is to create opportunities to be in circles of women. To dedicate a whole day to remembering. And that's what this day retreat is. An invitation to  gather and set the conditions for listening to what is stirring in you. We will do Qoya, receive a teaching, eat nourishing food and have time for reflection and quiet. 

So, here I am. Listening to the pull to create a day retreat, to dedicate myself to what I love.  And guess what? This medicine is really working for me!

I asked my mom, Jane Powell, to co-create this offering with me. For those that don't know her, she is a wise woman, BodyTalk Practitioner and Spiritual Director (among things!). I think we make a pretty great team and  I am so looking forward to this collaboration. 

Maybe this sounds like good medicine to you too... Registration is now open on the website. Please reach out if you have any questions.

 Wilder Roots Day Retreat
March 3, 2019
Light of the Prairies Retreat Centre

With love and remembering, 



Movement as Medicine

Qoya classes this week:

  • Tonight! At 7pm in Wolseley

  • Sunday at 10am in South Osborne

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