my daily mission

Good Afternoon Wise Ones,

I am sitting in front of the kitchen window watching the snow fall and writing to you. I've had a month of writing these love notes now and have to give all the credit to my hips for suggesting this move to weekly emails, its been the best. Thank you for being here. 

I am taking a break from writing a business loan application to write to you. It's been a growth edge for me to translate my language of feeling and heart into the language of cash flow and key competitors. Huge shout out to my brother Zachary for spending an afternoon translating my heart words  into loan application words. 

But it's been good. It's given me the opportunity to get even more clear about this next step, and while the "how" still isn't figured out yet, the "why" most certainly is. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 11.41.16 AM.png

This is an actual screen shot of one of the pages of the application. I had to put my true daily mission for the work I do first, and then almost like layers of paint on a canvas I'll write the daily mission that will be submitted on top. 

I realized this line from a Hafiz poem was my daily mission after I came back from San Diego this past November.

I took the trip to learn from an Indigenous midwife who teaches a workshop on traditional postpartum sealing practices, which are practices meant to care for women after birth to support healing.

I had heard her interviewed on a podcast the previous May and immediately emailed her to see when her next workshop was. 


And so I found myself here. Yup, that's me lying down, experiencing the closing of the bones, one of the practices  incorporated into a postpartum sealing. 
I have experienced many transformative and amazing moments, workshops, retreats, trainings in my life so far, and this one was intense and exceptional. Personally and professionally, it has changed so much for me. I am still processing and uncovering pieces of myself that were initiated through that weekend. 

But one of the biggest things has been wanting  to show up for my clients (and everyone!) with the commitment to lean my heart close to theirs, whether they are seeing me for BodyTalk, in Qoya or in a birthing room. This is sometimes hard to do in a western system! To be able to show up that way requires supporting yourself very well. But at that workshop I caught a vision, I lived an experience of that type of care. And that is my vision for my work now. 

The last thing Tema, the midwife we we learning from, shared that weekend was the following:

"The secret ingredient is love, if you don't have that...reschedule." 

What? I am allowed to do that? Yup. That felt like a revelation itself. 

I couldn't really imagine rescheduling, but I loved what was behind the statement,  and so I sat with what is required for me to show up consistently with love. 

And the answer was care. My heart needs care to be able to lean towards your's in the most healthy way. 

And you know me, once I know something I can't easily un-know it. And so I try to remember this when I make my schedule. Where is your care? It needs to be as much of a priority as your work. 

That Hafiz poem, that vision of mine, is just as much a commitment to you as it is to myself. To show up for you, I will, I must, I am required to show up for myself.

I am by no means perfect at this. I am still very much a work in progress. I plan on being that way for the rest of my life. And a masterpiece. Simultaneously.

With my heart leaning towards your soul,


P.S. Qoya tonight! Feeling moody? Come and shake your booty. Save your spot here

Save the Date! Retreat.jpg

I am co-creating a day retreat for women with Jane Powell, wise woman and my mama, in March, stay tuned for updates! It will be a day to reconnect and remember.

I'll let you know when registration is open, but if you're interested, pencil it in and keep your eye out for more details coming next week!