Good Afternoon Wild Ones, 

My intention this week has been to rededicate. Rededicate myself to the practices that bring me home. To how and where I show up. And what is the priority right now.
I read once that it can be such good medicine to  forget to do the things we do to keep us well,  because it gives us the opportunity to remember why the practices are so important in the first place. I like to remember that idea as I make the choice to return. That it's okay to forget and that remembering is only a breath away. 


I've come back to my most trustworthy practices this week which centre around actions that nourish my body, mind, heart and spirit. All of which cost nothing but time. 

The etymology of the word "dedicate" tells us that to dedicate means to set aside and name something as having sacred purpose. 

Ahh, yes. Choosing to set aside time to the sacred purpose of remembering why I am here and what is important. Rededication.

There is a cue in Qoya that is often said during the free dance,  the cue is "Take a deep breath and rededicate yourself to this free dance of ________." (fill in the blank with which ever theme we're dancing with that class).  That's only about 2.5 minutes after the initial cue to dance whatever the theme is...and yet, you can feel the renewed purpose in the room when that cue is said. 

Can you imagine how we would move through our days if every 2.5 minutes we asked ourselves to take a deep breath and rededicate love? To trust? To courage? To whatever is your current guiding light?  Whoa. Sign me up. 

Are you in? 


Take a deep breath...

and let yourself begin again, rededicated to your intention. 

May we allow that to determine our choices today and every day. 

With love,


P.S. Turns out my writing wasn't all together clear last week! I am not signing a five-year lease at my current office. I am creating a new space that includes a studio and offices. Stay tuned for updates!

"In so many ways, Qoya is the map for the six inch journey from the head back to the heart, from the judging and analyzing into feeling. From the forgetting to the remembering.  And like we have all learned, one epiphany or moment of joy, doesn't promise the next moment will be the same.  It is  sensitizing yourself to be able to keep coming back to your center, your truth and your deepest knowing as a physical sensation of the divine in your body and let that be your guide."

There is Qoya tonight and Sunday morning this week, sign up here