New moon + Creation

Good Morning and New Moon Blessings!

I missed being with you via the Love Note last week, it just never came! I tried to force it a couple times and then decided to let it go and trust I'd be ready to show up again this week. And voila!

I was reading the astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg's reflection on this New Moon and the following really resonated with me, so much I wanted to share it here!

She writes,

Stop expecting creating to be easy. Creation takes time, energy, attention. It asks us to move through resistance, warm our edges, and evolve to know more of our capacity. Put yourself into the fire. Call forth the spark.

Stop expecting creating to be hard. It feels good. To make space for it. To prioritize it. To dedicate time to making and knowing yourself through creative process. It’s an essential element of showing up for oneself and actualizing potential.

That feels exactly what I want to remember right now. Even though I just came out of a deep creative process with Sacred Space on Shebrook, the next creations of my life are already coming forward and I am realizing how important it is to me to keep showing up to create.


One of my favourite things that happened last week was that Nat, my cousin, came to the studio at Sacred Space and recorded videos for an upcoming project she's working on.

She was creating in the space I created.
Creation begets creation.

I really realized that day how important it is to me that this space is somewhere for me to create and somewhere for many to create, whether it's creating a project, a relationship or a life.

I'm planning on taking some time to listen to what's wanting the continued attention of creation right now in my life, and what happens if I let go of the exceptions that it will be hard...or easy. As well as listening for what's ready to die, because as I know...creation and death are true friends, always showing up for each other and in service of each other.

If you'd like to read Virginia's full reflection of this New Moon, you can read it here.

With love and appreciation,


P.S. There is Qoya tonight and Sunday morning! Michelle is teaching which mean's I'll be dancing! Save a spot.

making room for life

Hello out there,

Things are looking a little different this week on the Love Note!

As Sacred Space on Sherbrook was born many things had to die, I could probably write a couple pages on all the death! One of those things was the name "Wilder Roots." And not because I didn't love it anymore ( I did and do!) but because it was just right. And even though I wasn't hiding behind the name "Wilder Roots", it does feel significant to just be...Revanna Powell.

As I've said before, one of the great supports during the months of building and birthing Sacred Space on Sherbrook was Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes' book "Women Who Run with the Wolves," in particular what she writes about the cycle of life-death-life.

She writes, "The Creation Mother is always also the Death Mother and vice versa. Because of this dual nature, or double tasking, the great work before us is to lean and understand what around and about us and what within us must live, and what must die. Our work is to apprehend the timing of both; to allow what must die to die, and what must live to live."

Last week I heaped old blessings, leftover flowers from rituals and other bits of life into a fire pit and let it burn. I was inspired by the beauty and colour of the just-lit fire...but the ashes after it had been burning for a few hours really were what felt like the medicine, and created space in me once again to live and create.

Life. Death. And then always life again. And then death. Again and again and again. To imagine how natural this is...and how much we resist it.

I felt sad and grieved for about two weeks in June as I consciously let parts of myself and my life go - parts that couldn't exist well on the other side of this birth. All parts that I was willing to let die to let this new life live, but still even being willing, it was a tender aching time.

Gosh, but the life that is following those mini worth it.

All that to say, my website is pretty much the same, just a different name and I am so happy to show up as Revanna Powell.

And you? What are you willing to offer to the fire with no guarantee of what it might create space for...only the promise from nature that it will be LIFE.

Here's to more honouring of the cycle,


Qoya Classes

There are two classes this week! Tonight at 7pm and Sunday at 10am.Michelle and I are alternating teaching this summer and this week is Michelle, which means I get to show up and dance! Sign up here.

Remember, there are Qoya classes every Wednesday this Summer at 7pm!


SacredSpace-Logo-Stacked-K copy.jpg

Sacred Space on Sherbrook is a studio and offices that offer a variety of practices that support healing and growth in Winnipeg!

Check out

Qoya at Sacred Space on Sherbrook

Hello out there!

Tonight is the first Qoya class at Sacred Space on Sherbrook, after 3+ years of teaching all over the city I am getting to teach in my own space. Baby, believe it.

One of the seeds that became Sacred Space on Sherbrook was planted a couple years ago and it happened while I was at a Qoya class. I remember that I was feeling so frustrated that day because I was having such a hard time finding a beautiful and available location to teach Qoya out of.

I danced that night with the frustration of not having that, and by the end of the class I sat down with my partner and said "I know!! I know why I can't find it!!" I took a deep breath and said, "It's because I'm supposed to create it!" And we both said..."of course." Cue the laughter and relief. I stopped really looking for anywhere else to rent space from after that, I knew what was coming and I was willing to wait.

It was a moment I will always remember because it is a lived experience of the power of the body, of movement and knowing. I prescribe to the idea that by the time our brain has a realization our body has already known it for months. I like to imagine I avoided a couple more months of frustration and exasperation by receiving that message from my body that night.


And that's one part of where Sacred Space on Sherbrook came from...and tonight is a big deal, to be teaching tonight is having a dream come true.

If you'd like to join, save a spot here!

There will be classes every Wednesday for the rest of the summer, and a couple of Sunday classes too! The classes will be taught either by Michelle or myself! That's another amazing part of the whole thing - Michelle was my partner that night I had the realization about needing to create the space and now she's a certified Qoya teacher too! Oh yes, it can happen like that.

Wherever you are today, I hope you can take a few deep breaths, I'm taking them with you.


Sacred Space on Sherbrook

A day later than usual, but I'm here!

This past week has blown my mind. We, a team amazing family/ friends and I, started working on transforming Unit 201 at 83 Sherbrook on Friday, June 22nd. We worked until the following Friday and then celebrated my birthday and the birth of this space on June 29th. That was a surreal day!

I have learned so much about...everything, through this process. I have slowly started to digest these past 3 months of creating, but it might take me all of summer to understand and acknowledge the life force that moved through me, us and the space in its creation.

There is still work to be done, but the space is ready to be filled! I've started seeing clients this week and there will be Qoya next Wednesday.

The website is not finished, but it's ready to be shared so that you can see what's up and sign up for Qoya.

There will be a grand opening celebration later on in the summer. I'm giving myself a month (in the birth world it's often called "sitting the moon" to rest and recover for a full moon cycle post-birth) before the celebration. So stay tuned for August!

Thank you for the encouragement, the interest and the excitement as Sacred Space on Sherbrook was created. I hope to be with you in this space one day!

Check out some photos below of some of the magic in this space!

With love,



Word on the street is...

...there's a new space in Winnipeg where you can go to reconnect, remember and grow! 

I am so amazed to be to share the news that come July 1st Sacred Space on Sherbrook will exist! It's existed in the fifth  dimension for over a year now and I'm happy to say it's landed on earth. 

There are so many synchronistic and beautiful things to be shared about the experience of the last 3 months and I do plan on sharing them because I have learned SO much, but right now I am in the midst of endings and beginnings and do not have the time to express those things with the reverence they deserve. 

So for now, here are some details...

Sacred Space on Sherbrook is at 201-83 Sherbrook Street and has four offices and a studio. The offices are filled with a group of women I respect and love, and the studio will be filled with Qoya and other classes and workshops that support the vision of of the space.

The rest of this month will be all about cleaning and beautifying the space and we will begin seeing clients there the first week of July and the first Qoya class will by July 10th @ 7pm. 

When I said 'yes' to the call to create this space I knew it was going to be an opportunity to grow and challenge myself, inside and out, and it has been and will continue to be. And I can say confidently that I have risen to the challenge. With so much support from the people around me and near me. I am beyond grateful. 

I wanted to have the website done this week to share it with you, but I don't! And in an effort to show up - imperfectly with my heart open wide - I'm sharing without having it done. But stay tuned for next week's Love Note when it will be! 


And now, tonight is the last Qoya class at R.A. Steen CC in Wolseley, a place where I've taught Qoya weekly since February 2016 and a place where, if you've been to Qoya, you've probably danced in. This space as held a lot. For me and for so many women. We will be dancing tonight at 7pm, if you'd like to join us, sign up here!

There will be a two week break with no Qoya classes after that, and the next class will be July 10th at Sacred Space on Sherbrook!

Thanks for reading, thanks for celebrating this moment with me and I look forward to sharing this new space with you! There will be a grand opening celebration later this summer and I would love to see you there! Details to follow!



One of the ways I have helped myself maintain trust  and connection during this time of change and birthing a new business is a daily dose of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (or affectionally known in my life as "CPE"). Her storytelling and analyzing of story and myth reminds me that my life has similar elements and there is a path through the wilderness. When I remember that each challenge and transformation is just like another stage or step in the story I am not only brought comfort but the heroine in me leaps to meet it. 

Here's two of my favourites from this morning, I hope they help to remind you too. 

"Do not cringe and make yourself small if you are called the black sheep, the maverick, the lone wolf. Those with slow seeing say a nonconformist is a blight on society. But if has been proven over the centuries, that being different means standing on the edge, means one is practically guaranteed to make an original contribution, a useful and stunning contribution to her culture."


"When seeking guidance, don't ever listen to the tiny-hearted. Be kind to them, heap them with blessing, cajole them, but do not follow their advice."

Ahh, that feels better already. 

Wishing you a day filled with whatever you are needing right now, 



this is the season

Right now I am all about this:

Morgan Harper Nichols 

I feel that it beautifully sums up where I am right now. I have been quiet here about the new space that I've been creating and I promise in the next few weeks I will share all about it here! I am almost finished the website and want to be able to send you somewhere when I share about it! 

Until then, know a dream is coming true and that it will be beautiful, imperfect and honest. 



centering in your own care part 2

In last week's Love Note I shared the term "centering in your own care" and I promised there would be a part 2, so here I am! This part is why I am trying to make it a priority to be centered in my care and to support my nervous system by doing so...

Because it's about how we as human beings co-regulate and I am going to borrow some words from the book "Burnout" by Emily and Amelia Nagoski to elaborate. 

"We are all walking around co-regulating one another all the time, synchronizing without trying, without even necessarily being aware that it's happening. Your internal state is profoundly contagious, and it is profoundly susceptible to "catching" the internal states of the people around you at work and at home and at the grocery store and on the bus."

"Sharing space with anyone else means sharing energy - literally. Connection moves us at the level of our atoms. Each particle we are made of influences and is influenced by the particle next to it in an unending chain that exists on the smaller and largest sales you can imagine, and every scale in between. We're made of energy. The nature of energy is to be shared, to spread, to connect one thing to another. Sharing space with other people means that our energy influences theirs, and theirs influences ours."

-Burnout, Emily and Amelia Nagoski

Did you hear that? "Your internal state is profoundly contagious."

And this is why I am personally trying to make a better effort at being centered in my own care, because it matters to me how I am affected by others  and how I affect others, both in  my work and my personal life. 

For me right now, that looks like acknowledging my needs, asking for  and receiving help and creating boundaries out of love and mutual respect. Knowing when I need time alone and also not letting myself hide being "I need alone time" when what I really need is time with people who I feel loved by and whom I love. And SO MANY DEEP BREATHS and moments with my feet on the earth. 

I have most definitely simplified the explanation of co-regulation and the effort it can take to listen to yourself enough to be able to be centered in your care, but it felt important to share and we've got to start somewhere!  And I wanted to shared why I feel being centered in our own care is important for the individual AND the collective. For you and everyone around you.

There is so much more that could be said, but that's enough for today, and maybe you want to experiment with me! Notice how it feels to be around others when you're centered in your own care and when you're not - and then choose accordingly!

Also, here's a hot tip, we also co-regulate to the earth, so if you are needing support...get thee outside!! Notice your feet/body on the ground and how the earth carries you. 

*Again, I'm still practicing this and do not at all do it perfectly. It's the whole a work-in-progress and a masterpiece simultaneously thing again!

Wishing you unexpected moments of beauty, 



centering in your own care

Last year when I was in San Diego for a workshop on postpartum healing I heard about the midwife Rachelle Garcia Seliga, she offers workshops on how to support women in the postpartum period and beyond, her tagline is "midwifing a cultural shift." Yes, please. 

A couple weeks ago she shared the term "center your own care" which has stayed with me and become a helpful tool as I navigate this new territory of opening a business while wanting to maintain my sense of self. 

She writes: 

"Center your own care, is the language I use for what is commonly called 'self care.' Our greatest act of resistance against an entire system that does not value life, is our ability to flourish. And we can flourish by centering our own care. 

Resilience is being able to adapt and flourish while meeting reality as it is. Centering our own care is this adaptation: We remember that we are of value. Acts of loving care help our nervous systems to settle, which safeguards our short and long term health. We make ourselves a priority.
We don't need to wait for our communities, partners or families to 'get it'...we don't wait for more resources...we don't need to wait. We can centre our own care every damn day - through how we think, through the choices we make, through our actions.
Centering our own care is respecting ourselves: Going to the bathroom when we need to. Eating when we are hungry. Drinking when we are thirsty. Tracking ourselves in our habituations of enduring suffering and ignoring what brings us pleasure. A cup of warm tea. Sitting in the Sun. standing barefoot on the Earth. Being with people we feel good with. Not being with people we don't feel good with.

Small choices. Small gestures. Every day, all through the day. 

Yes. A thousand times yes. 

I have been experimenting with centering in my own care in the last few weeks (I've even taught a Qoya class about it!) and I have found it so helpful.

I imagine a target, with a couple rings around it. When I am centered  in my own care I am in the bull's eye, and everything and everyone else in one of the following rings. But when I forget to be centered in my own care, then something or someone else is in the centre of the target - and I get to make a choice and if it's possible bring myself back into the centre. So far, on most every occasion, it is. Whether that's simply pausing work for a moment to take a couple breaths or get up and stretch. I am amazed at how simple it can sometimes be to centre myself in my own care. 

There is a second part about this idea of centering in our own care, but I'm going to save it till next week's note!

If this idea or the image of the target resonates with you, play with it this week. Try asking yourself during different moments of the day, "Am I centered in my own care?" And if  you aren't, asking what it would take to come back there. 

I still forget to be centered in my own care (hello years of social and familial conditioning!), but I am noticing when I'm not more quickly, and that is enough evidence for me to know this is working.  

With love,


bye-bye blazer

This past Monday I met with a business lawyer, and as a person who's never worked with a business or personal lawyer before this was big and new. 

As I got ready, I pulled my blazer out of the closet, the one I bought a few months ago when I started going to business meetings like this. I got it  to help me feel like I belonged, was capable and could "handle" it. I put it on that morning  and then immediately took it off - it didn't feel right and I realized I didn't actually need it anymore... 

So, I put on my favourite jean jacket with my crescent moon brooch, over a dress that makes me feel like I'm wearing an entire garden and went to the meeting. And the whole way there I basked in the significance of what this meant. That I could show up completely as myself without having to armour up. 


Art by Lindsay Bong


There is still much to do as I move forward, more security blazers/blankets that need to be shed but I am here for this moment where I can actually feel where I have grown. That is the magic. And that gives me the strength to move forward. 

I'll still wear the blazer (it's a really bad ass blazer), but now I'll wear it only because I want to, not because I feel I need it to. 

For now, I'll continue practicing showing up like the blossoming garden I am,  moonbeams and deep breaths. Nothing to hide, no one to be. 

And what a huge wish I have for us all to show up, wearing the blazer or not, with reverence for all the courage it's taken to just land right here. 

P.S. The meeting went really well. Turns out showing up without having to pretend yields amazing results. Note taken, universe! 

Thanks for being here, I appreciate your presence and time, 



Right now I am loving this definition of boundaries:

International Picnic Da-3.png

I just read it this past week and it not only makes sense to my brain but feels right in my body.

It is all about love. 

It's inspiring me to take a look at how I show up personally and professionally and where I've created boundaries out of fear versus love. It's rather illuminating! 

In the other news, I just got back from an intense weekend of learning at a BodyTalk course in Calgary! Weird and wonderful things, folks! If you or anyone you know is wanting to try BodyTalk, I am currently taking new clients - just send me an email or check it on the website here

With love, 


resiliency and stability

This past weekend I attended a workshop all about the psoas (pronounced so-as) with Liz Koch, it was phenomenal because it's totally shifted my perception of my body and really all bodies and what they need to thrive. And I still have so much exploring to do!

Liz's work focuses on the psoas, an amazing part of the body that get's misunderstood alot. She says, "Your psoas is not merely a muscle. It is the primal messenger from the core of your being. This bio-intelligent tissue expresses your integrity on every level and may be perceived as the guardian of the Hara, commonly referred to as the moving center. Located deep within your core, your psoas is a source of inner power." (

One of the big things that stood out for me in her teaching this weekend was the following:

"Strength is based on resiliency. Not density."

In the moment she was speaking about physical strength which was a beautiful perspective shift in itself, but I heard it through the lens mind/body/spirit which was even more illuminating. 

One of my favourite definitions of resiliency is that it is the power and ability to return to our original form. And I understand our original form to be our truth, our essence and our centre. And that is strength. 

And then she said:

"Stability is not something that is stable because it's static, but it's something that is stable because you can rely on it. It's not to say something is unchanging, it is to say it is always changing and you can rely on it." It's not our permanence that makes us stable it's are ability to rely on change that makes us stable. 

Those two things there were worth the whole weekend. Resiliency and stability. Returning to who we are and relying on change.  


I've had this photo on as the wall paper on my phone this week. It's a moment from a trip I took to BC last month and  is reminding  me of the feeling of being resilient and stable right now.

At home in myself and forever returning home. 

I feel that it is so so important we remind ourselves of that. 

Wishing you a moment today to reconnect to your strength and stability. 

With love and appreciation,


P.S. There is Qoya tonight at 7pm, sign up here! And Michelle is teaching a Qoya class this Sunday at 10am, if you'd like details on that class send me a email and I will get you in touch with Michelle! 

when nothing is certain...

Hello out there!

Short and sweet today...

trust the wait. embrace the uncertainty . enjoy the beauty of becoming. when nothing is certain, anything is possible..png


P.S. thanks for all the well wishes from last week's love note, things are moving along in regards to the new space and maybe I'll have a solid update to share next week!


Qoya classes!

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember.
Through movement, we are able to remember our essence is inherently wise, wild and free.
A physical sensation of truth emanates through our bones and breath that feels like resonance. 

There is class tonight at 7pm in Wolseley! Save your spot here

*no previous experience needed!

in the waiting room

Hey courageous ones, 

Save the date.png

I am in the midst of waiting to hear if we've found the building that will become the home for the next incarnation of my work here. I've done as much as I can do on my end and now...I wait. 

This feels like a familiar place, this place of waiting, but for the first time my hands are not clenched and my stomach is not in knots. I've moved through anxiety and now here I am, curious and open again.

My ego says, "Don't tell people that you might have found it! What if it doesn't work? Be sure and then share!"

Which makes my soul chuckle and say, "What if what doesn't work? This building? Then it wasn't the building. And anyway and there is no such thing as failure here. It's all just life." This feels revolutionary for me to feel.

Today my prayer has been a section of the prayer used in Qoya to open sacred space, I've said it while driving, walking, working  and waiting today. I'll share it with you here, so that in the midst of it all we maybe we can remember the sacred pulse of life and how it dances through us. 

Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Star Brothers, Star Sisters
Please hear our simple prayer to shine
To know our own light and have it reflected in yours
Like the radiance of the sun, The wisdom cycles of the moon, 
The unique luminesce of each star
That light, that thing that goes by thousands and thousands of names
But remains ultimately unnamable
Please hear our prayer to source back to that place
To shine that light in this world as we sing the song of life 
And dance this dance of life
One more day.

Whatever happens next, and trust me something will happen, I hope we have the courage to meet it. Because after all, what else are we here for? 

Sending love and appreciation to you for being here with me, 



Qoya is tonight at 7pm

"Qoya meets me where I am, which at the start of the class is usually tight. Before long my experience becomes expansive and spacious and by the of class I am able to rest comfortably in my body."  - J. Peters

a meditation


Thank you for all the responses from last week's love note! I loved receiving responses from so many of you about how the information really resonated or interested you too. 

This week I've recorded a short meditation to add a little moment of remembering into the day. I am all about finding small and manageable ways to create space and breath amidst a day. And here's one! 

I have no fancy sound equipment so it's just my voice as I do my best to sit still and breathe silently (haha!).  But maybe, like me,  it's just what you need today too. 

It's only 6 minutes and offers a simple check-in. You can access it here.

Where ever you are, wishing you a moment to pause and breath deeply.

With love,



Completing the Cycle

Hello out there!

Last week the book  Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski was released. I have been waiting for this book for months now. Some of you will have heard me talk about it before - I just love learning about how our nervous systems work! And I especially love learning ways we can do to support them when they are freaking out. 


I've been following Emily Nagoski's work for a few years now. I love and highly recommend her first book, Come as You Are, which is about female sexuality and is so insightful. She combines science and heart in a way that makes her books both fun to read and inspiring. 

Back to this newest book though, she combined forces with her sister to explore the stress response cycle and work with burnout (emotional exhaustion).

I've sometimes talked about this at Qoya, especially when related to why we shake in each class.  It turns out our bodies can't tell the difference between being chased by a lion and having a hard conversation with another human. They have the same biological effect - a cascade of hormonal and neurological activity all designed to help you survive . And no amount of logic or self-talk will complete this cycle or convince you you're not in danger.

Because it's happening in the body, you have to speak the body's language to complete the cycle. What is the body's language? Movement!

We need to move our bodies to give ourselves the signal that our bodies are a safe place to be again. Shaking, dancing, walking, or simply tensing our bodies and then relaxing them are all examples they give.  They suggest alternatives to movement, but movement always comes out on top as the most efficient and effective way to complete the cycle.

 This is one of the reasons I love Qoya, because it does this so so well. Movement is medicine.

Moving your body in time with others for a shared purpose brings together all the things that are most important for fighting burnout. It is physical activity, it is social connection, it is a sense of meaning and pu-4.png

I heard Emily say the above on a podcast and it made me realize another layer to why Qoya is so important to me and why creating space in my week for intentional time with others is also so important. Moving your body in time with others is on par with sleeping when it comes to recovering from burnout, emotional exhaustion and feeling stressed. Whoa! 

I haven't even finished reading Burnout but I highly recommend tracking a copy down and doing your own reading and reflecting. Can you imagine how amazing it would be if we could all be more conscious about completing stress cycles?? 

I love remembering that my very primal nervous system is always just trying to do it's best to keep me safe, even if it doesn't know the best way to do that. And that's when I love that my prefrontal cortex does know! And so I get to choose. Choose to shake, breathe and connect or choose to ignore my tense shoulders, my tense tummy and tell my nervous system to "get over it." One of those choices is so much more effective than the other. 

I'll be at Qoya tonight, recharging my battery, and maybe you will be too!

But if that's not an option for you, there are so many other ways to move your body, I hope you find one that feels good and is accessible for you to do today. 

I'm going to go shake now, because sometimes I feel vulnerable writing and sending out these notes - cue a mini stress response! 

With love and appreciation, 


waking up

Happy Spring & full moon love to you!

I am popping into your mailbox to say "hi" before heading to Day 2 of a workshop on building attachment with kids and youth who have experienced trauma and chronic stress - it's blowing my mind.  I am looking forward to incorporating these teachings not only into my work but also into my life. Have I mentioned I love learning??

There is Qoya tonight and Sunday morning this week, sign up here

And I'll leave you with this one to reflect on today:

Ooh, yes. Waking up to the heart this morning. 

May we turn towards the sun and feel supported by the moon today. 

With love,



Fertility Awareness with Nathalie Daudet!

It's no secret that I love the female reproductive system and that I love my cousin I'm super pumped to share her upcoming workshop! Nat teaches Fertility Awareness (read: NOT the rhythm method!) and offers an opportunity to get to know your body deeply. It's such a great tool. She's teaching an in person workshop in Winnipeg next month! If you're curious, learn more here. (Also, feel free to ask me any questions!) 

fear note?

Good morning,

I was laughing at myself this morning as I sat down to write  because I realized it would be equally as accurate to call these emails Fear Notes! It would probably be less enticing...or maybe it would be more!! Considering last time I checked, fear was a very human experience.

As I continue to move forward with everything, I am reminded  on a daily basis of my choice to let love be the boss of me and not fear. 

This goes against many things in me and around me. And yet, I know in my bones I am here (and probably you are too) to transform fear and become even more of an embodiment of love. This sounds beautiful and feels SO messy. 

Cue Elizabeth Gilbert with some medicine for us today:


My go-to remedy for working with fear (or anything!) is always going to be movement. Even a 5-second whole body shake. 

May I suggest we all turn on our current favourite song to dance to and give ourselves some medicine via movement. 

If you'd like something more guided, check out this shaking video on the Qoya website. 

Or come shake in-person at tonight's Qoya class!

With love and appreciation, 


day retreat + 10 years of qoya

Even the smallest choice for love is a step in the best direction.

-Alana Fairchild

Hello out there, 

Today I'm working with the above words. I pulled an oracle card this morning as I sat down to begin work and that sentence jumped out at me. One of my intentions this year (and last year!) was to cultivate expansion in my being and life, especially when it feels "safer" or easier to contract. As with everything, it's a practice.

And I am grateful for the reminders that encourage even the smallest amount of movement towards expansion, towards love.


This past Sunday we gathered for the first Wilder Roots day retreat and the first time my mom, Jane, and I collaborated. The day was beautiful. I looked up many times during the day and my heart nearly burst with gratitude. It reminded me of this question: Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

As a person who is very future-orientated and always thinking "what's next?" it was a huge gift to be able to realize how much magic was and is in the present moment. 
I have no doubt there will be future day retreats and I look forward to sharing more about that. 


This month marks the 10 year anniversary of Qoya! Rochelle Schieck, Qoya founder, lead the first class in New York City in March 2009. 

To celebrate, Qoya teachers from all over the world are teaching a class in March to celebrate Qoya! I am teaching tonight in honour of this occasion, if you'd like to join us, save your spot here

I also encourage you to check out the full list of the classes being taught this month. It's amazing to see all the places Qoya is being offered and if you know of anyone who might be interested in one of the cities listed maybe you want to spread some Qoya love and share it with them! 

Sending love out to you via my finger tips tapping these words out.

Today may we all choose to take a step towards love, small or big.