birth doula services


a birth doula is...

"a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a birthing person before, during and shortly after childbirth to help them achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible." -DONA International 

doula's have been assisting in childbirth since...forever.  doula (doo-lah) is a greek word that means "servant to women" or "mothering the mother."

doulas aren't a new trend but an ancient tool that can have a big impact on your experience through birth and postpartum healing.

whether you have a supportive partner, parent or friend, a doula offers something different, someone who's only agenda is to support you in feeling empowered in your birth experience. a doula comes with knowledge, passion, and commitment.

a doula brings the calm. 

Revanna is amazing! I’m so glad she was my Doula, her passionate, strong, nurturing presence was integral to my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences. She is incredibly well educated in all things birth related and was eager to share everything she’s learned while also gently encouraging me listen to my own inner wisdom.
Doula’s are invaluable. I’m so grateful to have had Revanna by my side and look forward to having her support me during my next pregnancy.
— Elizabeth Gage, client

the birth doula package includes...

  • a free, no obligation, consultation meeting to get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit

  • two prenatal visits

  • resources and evidence based information during your pregnancy

  • phone/text/email support during your pregnancy

  • labour and birth support, including attendance at your birth, regardless of length

  • postpartum support 1-2 hours after birth

  • help with initiating breastfeeding

  • one postpartum visit to help process your birth and offer support and resources as needed

I am passionated about providing compassionate care and evidenced based information. I have the upmost respect for the body's capability to birth and the importance of education and support to help birthing people find their voice and power in birthing. 

learn more about the benefits of having continuous labour support here

the investment

$750 for the birth doula package*

*half of the fee required at first prenatal visit, and the remainder by 37 weeks pregnant. 

*payment plans are available

A doula’s primary and very unique role is to increase the mother’s confidence and feeling of safety. By standing by the mother no-matter how the birth journey unfolds and which decision the birthing woman might make, she can significantly help reduce fear and tension and create a calmer and more settled environment.

frequently asked questions 

+ i have a supportive partner, do i need a doula too?

a doula has training and experience above and beyond what you and your partner may have learned from a prenatal class. having a doula present gives not only you support but your partner as well, the presence of a doula allows your partner to not be your only support person. your doula does not replace the presence of your partner; but enhances it.

+ is a doula a midwife?

no, they are two different roles, but are very compatible with each other! a midwife is a health care provider, who, like a doctor/OB, cares for you and your baby through pregnancy and childbirth. a doula is not a medical professional, but an emotional/physical/mental support person. a doula never performs medical tasks, but attends to the mother's practical and emotional needs.

+ i am planning on a hospital birth, do i need a doula?

yes! just like at a birth centre or home birth doulas are soley focused on you and your needs, whereas the doctors/midwives divide their attention between you and your baby. doulas work well with nurses and can provide continuous care, where as nurses shifts end, etc. a doula stays with you continuously, providing the support you need, in the way you need it, when you need it the most.

+ i am planning on getting an epidural, do i still need a doula?

yes, totally. epidurals and other pain medications helps with pain management, but the mental and emotional aspect of labour and birth are still very present even with pain medications. doulas offer comfort measures and support in the time leading up to when an epidural can be given and continue to support after.

+ how early should i hire a doula?

it's never too early to hire a doula, but the ideal window is 5-6 months before your estimated due date to make use of the full scope of support a doula can offer. but, if you just found out about doulas and you're 8 months's not too late either!

I do not care what kind of birth you have...a home birth, scheduled cesarean, epidural hospital birth or if you birth alone in the woods next to a baby deer. I care that you had options, that you were supported in your choices and that you were respected.
— January Harshe,