despacho ceremony

"if the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice." -meister eckhart


A Despacho Ceremony is an opportunity to pause and offer gratitude for everything you are grateful for in this moment. To create a physical expression of that gratitude, filled with your words, your breath, and your heart.

"The Despacho is a gift to spirit, or the organizing principles of the Universe, and is a ritual of energetic exchange for healing, re-establishing right relationship and protection. Let the ceremony be simple.  You say thank you.  You say thank you for as much as you can think of.  And then you keep saying thank you until you feel like you could say thank you for hours.  Sit down and crave some time in your day to just say thank you." -

I learned this version of the South American practice through my Qoya training and it quickly become a personal practice that I love and rely on. I have shared it with family and friends, in Qoya workshops, and am now offering it to you for one-on-one or group Despachos. They are a helpful tool to honour transitions (births, deaths, marriages, divorces, life events) as well as celebrations. 

Using biodegradable items to symbolize your gratitudes, the invitation is to share what you are offering gratitude for and then take a deep breath and breathe the feeling of that gratitude into the item. Language is often imperfect and cannot always capture the depth of feeling and so we use our breath to express as well. The item is then offered to the centre and we continue to say thank you and build the Despacho. Once the ceremony is complete, you will offer it back to the world through earth (burying it), fire (burning it), or water (offering it to a body of water). 

To learn more about Despachos and how to create your own if you prefer, check out this page at

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Personal Despacho, $80

Group Despacho, contact me to discuss


"A Despacho is a wonderful ceremony of gratitude and release.  Revanna recently introduced and lead me through this visually beautiful ritual.  It provided me with a way to celebrate and bring closure to experiences I had recently moved through.  I now see a Despacho as a necessity in my life and one that needs to be carried out periodically through out the year." -Cathryn Ekdahl 


"A Despacho is an opportunity to reflect deeply and intimately with one’s inner self. Revanna created a safe, open space for me to explore these parts of my self. My personal Despacho allowed me to reflect on the pieces I was ready to let go of in my life and the parts I wanted to embrace deeply with gratitude. Thank-you Revanna for your beautiful accepting heart, witnessing my words and helping me bring forth my inner wisdom." -Holly Lowe


"when life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. and when life is bitter, say thank you and grow." -shauna niequiest